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Version Build Product Text
2.6.12 17119 PC Client, PC Operator Zoho Phoebridge Integration now Supported
2.6.12 17119 Server "UC Import" tool has been updated to work with Multi-Tenant environment
2.6.12 17118 PC Client, PC Operator Zoho CRM Integration pops to Correct page
2.6.12 17117 Server When No Country Code is selected, "+" can be used to dial a telephone number in another country
2.6.11 17100 Server Telephony Service no longer duplicated
2.6.11 17097 PC Client, PC Operator Absence Text is Retained, even after exitting client
2.6.11 17095 PC Client, PC Operator Dialling from Skype for Business working as expected
2.6.11 17094 PC Client, PC Operator Dialling from web page when no default email client configured no longer fails
2.6.11 17090 Server Cisco UCM 64 Bit TAPI Driver Introduced
2.6.11 17090 PC Client, PC Operator TLS 1.2 Issues Solved
2.6.11 17088 PC Operator Greetings are supported for numbers a maximum of 6 digits in length. Must be run with CMD Line parameter "-shortDDI"
2.6.11 17085 Server Client will only connect if password matches on Server and extension
2.6.11 17082 Server After Windows updates if Server Database has been moved, the Server software will find the new location
2.6.11 17082 Server After a Major Windows updates, if Server Database has been moved, Server will try to recover by looking for backup in C:\windows.old\Windows\system32\config
2.6.11 17082 Server UCserver database will be initialised on a clean install to %Programdata%
2.6.11 17082 PC Client, PC Operator Telephone numbers returned correctly on searches with Sage 50 Accounts Integration
2.6.11 17082 PC Client, PC Operator Telephone numbers returned correctly on searches with Sage 50 Accounts Integration
2.6.11 17081 PC Operator Able to see forwarding state of an extension correctly
2.6.11 17081 PC Client, PC Operator Exiting Client when Outlook integration is configured no longer breaks integration
2.6.11 17079 PC Client, PC Operator Google Contacts Integration can support Two-Factor Authentication
2.6.11 17076 PC Client, PC Operator Address Book Search returns results, based on the number when it is presented in any format on a cached integration
2.6.11 17070 PC Client, PC Operator Google Contacts Integration Improved Android App Capital Letter Consistency Android App Geo Location updates on Presence Correctly Android App Location update frequency no longer resets to "never" whenever the phone is restarted Android App Icon change – Presence “Bullet” Android App Added support for Multitenant Android App Added support for Multitenant Android App Some additional translations Android App Some capital letter changes in the menus Android App Changed order of Session Startup Android App Added missing Availability states (previously only Available, Busy and Away were shown) Android App New “Privacy Policy” menu item in “About” Android App Changed order of Session Startup Android App Fixed provisioning issues Android App New icons for “User” states (square) Android App Additional translations
2.6.10 17068 Server Avaya IP Office R9 Supported
2.6.10 17068 Server New USA area codes
2.6.10 17064 PC Client, PC Operator Regions Updated for MS Dynamics
2.6.10 17058 PC Client, PC Operator Consult Transfer to a number, beginning with + no longer causing a problem
2.6.10 17057 PC Client, PC Operator Resolved layout on Arabic version on Phone window
2.6.10 17054 PC Client, PC Operator Clickable area functioning correctly on Address Book Results
2.6.10 17053 Server Avaya IP Office R9.1 is now supported
2.6.10 17047 Server Server no longer returns false name when called tel is "0" and Rule placed to remove it
2.6.10 17039 PC Client, PC Operator Absence Text no longer goes missing after client inactive for some time
2.6.10 17038 PC Client, PC Operator Chat messages with Arabic characters shown correctly
2.6.10 17038 PC Client, PC Operator Searches carried out with Arabic characters return results
2.6.10 17032 PC Client, PC Operator When Address Book Search popped, it no longer appears behind all windows
2.6.10 17028 PC Client, PC Operator Availability Status updates correctly when Skype for Business Integration is in use
2.6.10 17026 PC Client, PC Operator Change made to Google Places Integration, to work with Google's latest API change
2.6.10 17015 PC Client, PC Operator -popddi combined with “show contact on answer” pops the record automatically
2.6.10 17015 PC Client, PC Operator Support for MS Dynamics / Later MS API used
2.6.10 17015 PC Client, PC Operator Salesforce Integration: Improved TLS support
2.6.10 17004 Server Introduction of Browser based server administration tool (beta)
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, TAPI Client Support for Salesforce CRM Integration if Salesforce TLS1.0 critical update is activated
2.6.10 17004 Server, PC Operator Support for TLS 1.2
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, Server, PC Operator Upgrade to version .NET 4.5
2.6.10 17004 Server, PC Operator Addition of new Partner Integrations
2.6.10 17004 Server, PC Operator Improved support for TLS1.0 disablement
2.6.10 17004 Server Improved security for access server administration
2.6.1 Mac Client Sugar CRM is now in Supported List of Integrations
2.6.1 Mac Client Licences Showing Correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client The CRM contact correctly showed during the call in Call History
2.6.1 Mac Client Number on clipboard icon no longer obscures DND / FWD Icon
2.6.1 Mac Client DND / FWD Icons Show correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Xing! Integration Correctly Showing as Linked
2.6.1 Mac Client Recent menu behaves like the PC client
2.6.1 Mac Client Phone Window Icon shown in correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client Location information is showing in the correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client Can search Sugar CRM correctly
2.6.0 Mac Client Support for the Mac Client in Multi-Tenanted Environment
2.5.40 16360 PC Client When Tenanting is available, login screen provided on Server
2.5.38 16348 PC Client, PC Operator Syntax Error on Goldmine Integration Solved
2.5.38 16348 PC Client, PC Operator Cached Google Contacts Integration allows user to select Calendar
2.5.38 16347 Server When Extension is Out of Service, State changes to reflect this.
2.5.38 16347 Server LCF_DROP is shown for incoming calls
2.5.38 16347 Server Device Name extended to 255 characters
2.5.38 16345 Server Extension Status Updates correctly across federated sites
2.5.38 16344 PC Client, PC Operator Country Names for Dutch Language Updated
2.5.38 16342 Server Server Shows Consumption of AD Integration Licences Correctly
2.5.38 16342 Server When ShortName is not a number, it is being sent in TAPI
2.5.38 16331 TAPI Client Closing down a TAPI connection releases licences correctly
2.5.38 16331 Windows' "Remote Access Connection Manager" Service no longer consumes all TAPI Licences
2.5.38 16329 PC Client, PC Operator DevOutlook.exe improved to always close when hosting client is exited
2.5.38 16323 PC Client, PC Operator Screenpop to Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016 Desktop works correctly
2.5.37 16320 PC Client, PC Operator Further improvements to internationally formatted numbers on Call History: editing the name from the history will also update the history
2.5.37 16319 PC Client, PC Operator MS Access Integration: Selecting the "Form" and "ID" fields in are no longer Failing when selected from drop-down
2.5.37 16319 PC Operator Leak where each call that is received costs 16 "user" handles has been resolved
2.5.37 16319 PC Client, PC Operator Direction and Duration field on other user's/extension's call history shown correctly when information is dynamically updated
2.5.37 16318 PC Client, PC Operator Zoho CRM Integration: Support for EU Regional Server added
2.5.37 16315 PC Client, PC Operator Custom event for "Ringing" on outbound call working correctly
2.5.37 16314 PC Operator 2 lines of information shown for details of a contact
2.5.37 16311 Server New installations will install SQL localDB 2014 (upgrades will continue to use SQLExpress)
2.5.37 16306 PC Operator Call Duration is Taken from the PBX and not Calculated
2.5.37 16301 PC Client, PC Operator Show Presence Option appears in the Call Events menu correctly
2.5.37 16301 PC Client, PC Operator Phonehelper dials internal numbers correctly
2.5.37 16294 PC Client, PC Operator User security level elevated at start of install to ensure internal msi's run with elevated status, allowing msi's to be deployed properly if admin rights unavailable
2.5.37 16288 PC Client, PC Operator Now able to carry out an "Advanced Address Book search" when there is no content in main field
2.5.37 16287 PC Client, PC Operator Stored numbers in Shared Address Book with leading + will search correctly
2.5.37 16287 PC Client, PC Operator Dynamics CRM Integration has been improved to provide the full 9 locations
2.5.37 16285 PC Client, PC Operator Improved searching of partial matches on cached integration
2.5.37 16285 Server Blind Transfer on Alcatel Oxo working correctly
2.5.37 16285 PC Client, PC Operator Improved searching of Microsoft Outlook partial matches on cached integration
2.5.37 16285 PC Client, PC Operator Numbers stored in Shared Address Book with + Prefix are not matching against active calls
2.5.37 16279 PC Client, PC Operator Numbers stored in own country with international formatting (00, or+) can be correctly matched in Shared Address Book
2.5.37 16276 PC Client, PC Operator When Microsoft Outlook Integration is enabled with Data Caching, the "identifier" is no longer removed
2.5.36 16278 PC Client, PC Operator Office 365 Calendar integration Supported
2.5.36 16275 PC Client, PC Operator HotKeys now working
2.5.35 16267 PC Client uaCSTA pickup and deflect options work correctly
2.5.35 16260 PC Client Microsoft Exchange 2016 Supported
2.5.35 16258 PC Client, PC Operator Improve Exact Synergy integration to search for mobile numbers held against "Debitors" and "Creditors" (HRM Module)
2.5.34 16257 Server Call Fwd is now able to be reset on Asterisk
2.5.34 16250 Server Outbound Calls on Preview showed Trunk instead of dialled number for 3CX PBX
2.5.34 16247 PC Client, PC Operator Click-to-dial supported in Skype-for-Business 2016
2.5.32 16257 PC Client, PC Operator uaCSTA Call FWD options can be set / unset correctly
2.5.32 16240 PC Client Moving from customised view and back follows previously set ''group by'' options
2.5.32 16239 PC Client, PC Operator Microsoft Outlook caching working better for sites with over 1000 contacts
2.5.32 16239 PC Client, PC Operator General Microsoft Outlook integration improvements
2.5.32 16234 Server Multi-Tenant features now available on Tenant Licence
2.5.32 16234 PC Client, PC Operator Integrations no longer "Load" addins that are set to be cached
2.5.32 16234 Server Post server upgrade, the UCConfig will not be disabled
2.5.32 16229 PC Client, PC Operator Opera browser (extension) is now shown in Dialling Handlers
2.5.32 16229 PC Client, PC Operator Combined View is excluded correctly from mid-level licence
2.5.32 16226 PC Client, PC Operator Data Caching on GAL Contacts now works
2.5.32 16225 PC Client, PC Operator Google Contacts integration "Comm class factory" error resolved by Updating DLL.
2.5.32 16219 PC Client, PC Operator Support for Busylight V2 introduced
2.5.32 16219 PC Client, PC Operator Client sets Lync State to previous after being on a call
2.5.32 16219 PC Client Key Cursor now Focuses on Transfer Window
2.5.32 16213 PC Client, PC Operator Skype for Business dialling rules now added to the dialling handlers menu
2.5.32 16210 PC Client, PC Operator On exit of away from desk - availability state reverts back to last known
2.5.32 16208 Server Issue resolved where user unable to set/unset call forwarding on extensions on Avaya IP Office
2.5.32 16203 PC Client, PC Operator Area Code improvements for German Language
2.5.32 16195 PC Client, PC Operator Busylight support improved
2.5.32 16193 Server Avaya IP Office reconnects correctly automatically after PBX restarted and does not provide a false-positive
2.5.32 16193 PC Operator Absence Text is correct on both the extension and user views
2.5.31 16188 PC Client Client connects to SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration when required and disconnects after
2.5.31 16188 Server Support Added for NEC SV9100
2.5.31 16186 PC Operator Deflect On Ringing Now introduced
2.5.31 16184 PC Client When a Feature Code Event is setup, saved then edited - the "type" of event is no longer reset.
2.5.31 16183 PC Client Called Tel showing in bottom panel of presence correctly
2.5.31 16182 PC Client, PC Operator UCFullTapi is now able to authenticate on Non US/UK Operating systems.
2.5.31 16180 Server UCServer monitors trunks on the Avaya IP Office and now maintains a call’s life even when it disappears from all extensions
2.5.31 16178 PC Client, PC Operator Combit integration is now supported as an "Advanced CRM Integration"
2.5.31 16177 PC Client, PC Operator Calendar Integration settings under Activities now extends to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Contacts Calendar
2.5.30 16175 Server UCTelephony reconnects automatically to the PBX after PC restarted/powered on
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Customised View is able to show call history correctly
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Help icon appears correctly in Windows 10
2.5.30 16175 Server Clients will not have access to Call Forward and Do Not Disturb options, when connecting to a PBX via uaCSTA
2.5.30 16175 PC Client When multiple chat messages are open, on receipt of message - only relevant chat window opens
2.5.30 16175 PC Client, PC Operator Google Contacts opens on correct page
2.5.30 16170 PC Client, PC Operator New Zealand area codes updated
2.5.30 16168 PC Operator Help Option now available from Task Tray
2.5.30 16168 Server Extension names download correctly from IP Office
2.5.30 16166 PC Client, PC Operator Russian translations updated
2.5.30 16161 PC Client, PC Operator Maximiser CRM Web Access integration introduced
2.5.30 16159 PC Client, PC Operator Google Places integrates correctly
2.5.27 16154 PC Client, PC Operator When Searching for a User on "Messaging" - Results shown correctly
2.5.27 16154 Server Elmeg Hybird 300 is now a Supported PBX
2.5.27 16154 PC Client, PC Operator API Key introduced for National Tel.search.ch integration
2.5.27 16154 PC Client Limit AD synchronisatrion to container
2.5.27 16149 PC Client, PC Operator Focus Dialling now follows options set against Dialling Rules correctly
2.5.27 16149 PC Client When absence message is set from "User" or "Extension" screen and view changed to "Combined" Screen, shows Absence text against all associated devices
2.5.27 16148 PC Client, PC Operator Send digits function now works correctly from all number entry locations
2.5.27 16145 Server Notes are no longer cached, resulting in faster update when edited
2.5.27 16141 PC Client, PC Operator Dial button is no longer skewed in ACT! when viewed in 125% mode
2.5.26 16130 PC Client, PC Operator User friendly method to use another installation path for client introduced
2.5.26 16130 PC Client, PC Operator Programmed hotkeys present task tray icons correctly
2.5.26 16128 PC Client, PC Operator ACT 2010 Included in Integration list
2.5.25 16121 Server Advanced protection method introduced for accessing server configuration remotely, now only administrators are able to connect
2.5.25 16120 PC Client, PC Operator Improvements have been made to contact caching
2.5.25 16118 Server We can Support MyPBX (Asterisk)
2.5.25 16118 Server Telephone numbers set against User are being stored correctly
2.5.25 16118 Server We can Support IP Cortex (Asterisk)
2.5.25 16118 Server Changing the Area Code of a site no longer requires you to restart the UCServer service.
2.5.25 16118 Server We can Support LCC (Asterisk)
2.5.25 16118 Server The location for UCServer.mdf files is now "CommonApplicationData" (aka c:\programdata\ucserver)
2.5.25 16118 Server We can Support Clearvox (Asterisk)
2.5.25 16118 Server We can Support IQ PBX (Asterisk)
2.5.25 16118 PC Client, PC Operator Outlook integration works with "default" folder values in all languages
2.5.25 16115 PC Client, PC Operator Eniro National Directory Integration Issues Resolved
2.5.25 16114 PC Client, PC Operator Lync availability works correctly in 2010 and 2013 Clients
2.5.25 16113 Server TAPI Licence Improvements
2.5.22 16100 PC Client, PC Operator Active directory integration now allows organisational unit to be synchronised
2.5.22 16100 PC Client, PC Operator Row height for results returned from Outlook Integration in Address Book Search shows correct amount of information
2.5.22 16092 PC Client, PC Operator Improved caching for larger databases
2.5.22 16090 PC Client Users' availability status is now only able to be set from task tray options
2.5.22 16090 Server Fixed user page when multiple users were edited
2.5.22 16088 PC Client, PC Operator Extension view on presence no longer shows information incorrectly on server based calendar integration
2.5.22 16088 PC Client Device (extension) availability state now correct after user logs in (previously blank)
2.5.21 16085 PC Client, PC Operator Private appointment shows "(appointment)" on calendar integration
2.5.21 16084 PC Client, PC Operator If view others' history security privilege is not set for user, Call History options are removed
2.5.21 16073 PC Operator Priority of text on tile (absence, contact) swapped
2.5.21 16073 PC Client, PC Operator Dialling rules for China fixed
2.5.20 16060 PC Client, PC Operator "Act! Plugin could not be installed" Error on Act! Integration Resolved
2.5.20 16000 PC Client Caller Preview can be shown for all devices
2.5.20 16000 PC Client Presence > Combined View added
2.5.20 16000 PC Client UCPlus "Extra" licence introduces new mid-level features
2.5.20 16000 PC Client Preferred Device is now configurable between desk extension, 2nd extension and Mobile extension (if available)
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Additional availability states introduced
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Preview window can be repositioned and reatined in to fixed postion of any screen quartile
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Availability based actions introduced
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Ability to call from desktop phone from Lync
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Auto sense availability introduced
2.5.10 16000 PC Client Ability to Transfer & Consult with contacts from Address Book search Android App If port 21051 is unavailable, Android Client uses port 21050 automatically Android App On SSL connection fail, client will try a lower port for non-SSL Android App Android ‘Multi Window’ Supported Android App Issue resolved where slow Android handsets may crash on exit Android App No port set will no longer cause client to fail Android App Android can connect to tenant via server, or user Android App Tenant order is User over Server – this is to prevent provisioned users from overriding the tenant via server Android App Device Mode remembered each time client launched Android App Softphone mode corrected 92 Android App Application mode select issue resolved 92 Android App Location issues corrected 92 Android App Call Overlay issue 92 Android App Supports 'Feature Codes' 92 Android App Provisioning/Manual Login issue corrected 92 Android App Partial mobile call control via PC client 92 Android App Updates to security policy support 92 Android App Mobile licence consumption corrected 92 Android App Crash on close issues resolved 92 Android App Call History display issues resolved 92 Android App User icons now a square symbol 92 Android App Updated Translations 92 Android App Call Overlay issues resolved 92 Android App Call History shows correct number 92 Android App Updates to connection method 92 Android App Time-zone display issue resolved 92 Android App Extended availability states introduced 92 Android App Messaging updates correctly Android App Manual Login no longer fails Android App Mobile Client now shows "Black Dot" on Extensions marked as "Do Not Monitor" Android App Android Client no longer freezes when data reconnection required Android App Issue where Caller overlay matching a record in Shared Address Book crashed Android O/S now Resolved Android App Logo in app now utilised as part of the phrase Android App Geo Location issues resolved Android App Outbound Call Information listed in Call History Correctly Android App Caller Overlay on calls from External Sources Shown Correctly Android App Updated certain images Android App Updated SSL/TLS support
2.4.33 15205 Server Avaya IP office ddi tag is no longer truncated to 20 x characters
2.4.33 15197 Server Aastra opencom connection fixed
2.4.30 15164 PC Client Lotus Notes Integration Field Name Changes on Multiple Languages
2.4.30 15163 Server Cisco agent login/out problems resolved
2.4.30 15162 Server Several fixes to the CSTA2 driver when connecting to the Aastra OpenCom
2.4.30 15162 PC Client, PC Operator Resolved User list not working in "Select Peers" for "Messaging" and "Presence"
2.4.30 15162 PC Client, PC Operator Improved support for Dialing from Outlook 2013
2.4.30 15162 Server Several fixes made for Cisco UCM TAPI Driver
2.4.30 15161 PC Client, PC Operator All language dictionaries have been updated
2.4.30 15161 PC Client, PC Operator Improved Dialling on formatted numbers within Salesforce
2.4.30 15154 Server Fixed naming bugs on Vodia PBX
2.4.30 15154 Server Connection bug fixed for Aastra MD110 (application link)
2.4.30 15154 Server Snom one PBX changed name to vodia
2.4.28 15145 PC Client, PC Operator Custom View on Presence Updates Immediately
2.4.28 15141 Server Non admin policies now have correct starting settings
2.4.28 15135 PC Client, PC Operator Call History Showing Local Numbers without Area Code now resolved.
2.4.28 15130 PC Client, PC Operator The Preview window not showing caller's name if it has been found in an addin resolved
2.4.28 15130 PC Client, PC Operator Removed Shift & Alt options from Hotkey Dialling
2.4.28 15126 PC Client, PC Operator Hyperlinks within text message are now clickable
2.4.27 15119 PC Client, PC Operator Fixed tab order for "Shared Adress Book" Contact page
2.4.27 15113 PC Client, PC Operator Now integrates into Microsoft Outlook's GAL Contacts folder
2.4.26 15105 Server Fix for transfers when CLI withheld on Mitel
2.4.25 15042 PC Client, PC Operator 'Show on map' URL error location solved, client now uses google.com to display the current location
2.4.24 14764 PC Client Fixed issue where the events 'on answer' and 'on ringing' weren't showing the presence window.
2.4.24 14707 PC Client, Server Renamed OCS/Lync Integration to Remote Call Control
2.4.24 Server Fast Dial call forward duration raised from 20 secs to 40 secs
2.4.24 PC Client All 2.4 clients can now integrate with Sage CRM 7.2
2.4.23 PC Client, Server Fixed an issue with Application dialling (primarily on Citrix environment)
2.4.22 PC Client, PC Operator Issue fixed where Client would not store MS Outlook integration configuration settings
2.4.22 PC Client, PC Operator Google Chrome dialling issue fixed.
2.4.22 PC Client, Server, PC Operator Call Transfer bug (with withheld number) now fixed
2.4.21 Server Sessions screen now shows correct time/date
2.4.21 PC Client, PC Operator Support for multiple fields "Text search'' queries to ODBC-based addins (e.g Access, ODBC, LDAP etc.)
2.4.21 PC Client, PC Operator Dialing extensions from MS Outlook now fixed.
2.4.21 PC Client Focus Dialling - now displayed as expected in 125% Windows View mode.
2.4.21 Server Improved the EWS auto-discovery (based on the email address entered in the Username)
2.4.21 Server German prefix codes fixed (017)
2.4.21 Server Fixed the directory download problem on Panasonic NS1000
2.4.21 PC Client, PC Operator Location frequency bug has been fixed - show on map option is now again available.
2.4.21 PC Client, PC Operator MS Outlook integration - Appointment issue fixed
2.4.20 PC Client, Server _ucserver is now the default server address, for when the 'Server' value on the Client is left blank.
2.4.19 PC Client, PC Operator 'Appointments' option in the Outlook integration configuration screen is now by default set to (None) to avoid conflict with Exchange Server side integration
2.4.19 Server Fixed issue with downloading extension names from Avaya IP Office
2.4.19 Server Demo Mode - Call Generator allows now to assign external numbers to generate incoming calls.
2.4.19 PC Client Client can now store preferred column width within the Address Book and Call History
2.4.19 PC Client Font UpScale - Window Resize will now work in 125% mode
2.4.19 PC Client Voicemail waiting column added to presence view
2.4.19 PC Client Availability column on the Presence Screen now reflects the availability description from the client tray menu
2.4.19 Server Have renamed the 'Voice Recording' (Service) to 'Voice Recorder Integration'
2.4.19 PC Client, PC Operator Availability description on the Presence Screen now refletcs the availability from the client tray menu
2.4.18 Server Changing an extension name no longer removes Call Forward or DND settings on the corresponding handset
2.4.17 Server Active Directory integration error when all fields not completed
2.4.17 PC Client Resolved issue with MS Outlook integration profile dropdown not remaining selected
2.4.17 PC Client Click to call from MS Dynamics 365 improved
2.4.17 PC Client MS Dynamics 2011 Integration Dialling issues after roll up 14 fixed
2.4.17 Dialling from MS Dynamics Office 365 version improved
2.4.15 PC Client, Server Resolved issue with BLF between federated sites not working
2.4.15 PC Client Call Forward and DND can be set from system tray menu
2.4.14 PC Client Fixed issue with MS Outlook application dialing not working
2.4.14 PC Client Fixed issue with Outlook application dialing not working.
2.4.11 Mac Client “Activate” button working after an error message has been received on Salesforce integration
2.4.11 Mac Client On exit/start or waking from sleep, messages all disappear from message history
2.4.11 Mac Client Preferences > Interface page no longer takes a long time to load
2.4.11 Mac Client Message History is no longer cleared each time the mac client is launched
2.4.11 Mac Client Message thread is no longer lost when replying to a message in the mac client Mac Client Log files shown correctly Mac Client Client consumes correct licence Mac Client OSX 10.11 is now supported Mac Client Security Policy changes to disable caller info Mac Client Web button no longer appends ''http://'' regardless if link already had protocol or required ''https'' on Contact View Mac Client Mail button no longer appends double slashes (‘//’) to email address on Contact View
2.4.10 10 Mac Client Salesforce Integration correctly returns results
2.4.10 9 Mac Client Call History ordering correctly
2.4.10 7 Mac Client Improved Keepalive between client and server Mac Client Trying to collapse multiple groups no longer re-opens ''Unknown'' or ''Department'' Mac Client OS X Contacts integration no longer fails Mac Client Mac address book search inconsistencies resolved Mac Client Preview/Call Window match data and show correctly Mac Client Presence screen settings, view, group by and sort save when personalised Mac Client Mac correctly searches on partial matches Mac Client Preview/Call Window show data faster, matching PC client speed Mac Client Shared address book contact field updates will save and transfer over on a live call Mac Client Software is now able to Detect Default Language Correctly Mac Client Salesforce Integration no longer crashes application Mac Client Preview Window is now movable (if it is not moved, the Preview notification will stack. If it is moved, they will not stack) IOS App Fixed issue where multiple connections were created, consuming server licences IOS App Corrected issue where moving from network types (wifi/3g/none) or network loss, would result in delayed re-connection IOS App 'No Licences' error, multiple connections fixed IOS App Availability data is now consistent across the Server and the iOS app IOS App Added Breaker/Split bars in presence. IOS App 'Sort extensions' options in settings are now combined to a toggle button, rather than multiple options IOS App Tapping a 'user' will list ‘Desktop/Mobile/Softphone’ - for each with a valid number will become clickable/dialable IOS App Updated some images to suit higher resolution. (Alternative ‘user’ images, new DND image) IOS App Improved Call History browsing speed IOS App Laggy Call history on iOS (4S) app fixed. IOS App Improved graphics to match Desktop clients - i.e. overlaid images IOS App Updated network detection and connection code. IOS App Settings differentiate Deskphone and Mobile extension numbers when using manual configuration IOS App Dialing from History & Address Book now fixed on iPad.
2.4.6 IOS App Call history now shows the correct time (and date).
2.4.6 IOS App Improved Swedish translation
2.4.5 Mac Client TLS security is now optional
2.4.5 IOS App Call history now shows the correct time (and date).
2.4.5 IOS App If the user can't connect to the server the app will indicate it and will ask the user to re-type server IP Address
2.4.5 Mac Client Custom events failed on 'Ringing'. Now works better.
2.4.5 Mac Client Updated connection libraries.
2.4.5 IOS App App can now search for iPhone contacts
2.4.5 IOS App Mobex extension is now used as default extension on the iOS app.
2.4.5 Mac Client Better connection detection
2.4.5 Mac Client User state improved
2.4.5 Mac Client Support for OSX Version 10.6: Snow Leopard discontinued
2.4.5 IOS App Correct message is now displayed whenever the user is logged in.
2.4.4 IOS App iPad fix for presence selection crash
2.4.4 IOS App (Presence) Extension goes Bold when client log-in
2.4.4 IOS App Improved Swedish translation
2.4.4 IOS App App can now hide all of the hidden extensions.
2.4.4 IOS App Favourites can be now removed from the Presence Screen
2.4.4 IOS App Dialing from iPad fixed
2.4.4 IOS App Implemented Phone context (mobex/deskphone) (iPad currently deskphone only) Android App Message notification is indicated now only once. Android App Fixed the bug where the time and date were displayed incorrectly within the call history tab Android App Call Overlay introduced Android App Dial Through issues resolved Android App Fast Dial issues resolved Android App Toggle option for GSM Publishing/Call overlay Android App Status line for single-line presence Android App New settings layout Android App Transfer/Consult from presence supported Android App Messaging issues resolved Android App Times display based on system preferences Android App Dial Through widget icon launches presence screen Android App Favourites added to Presence Android App Change to hide DDI option for extensions without DDI Android App Blank presence screen issues resolved Android App Certain tablet devices using wrong layout now show correctly
2.4.2 IOS App Modifiy Unified Communicator to use server side auto-provisioning
2.4.2 Android App New settings layout
2.4.2 Android App Fixed issue with Fast Dial - No more duplicate calls reported
2.4.2 Android App Fixed WeVoip Duplicate calls
2.4.2 Android App Toggles for GSM Publishing/Call overlay
2.4.2 PC Client, Server, TAPI Client Changed settings file to allow longer "Time to Live" values for held calls, etc
2.4.2 Server, TAPI Client Fixes for threading issues in UCServer when sending events
2.4.2 Android App Messaging issues fixed
2.4.2 Android App Presence Favourites added
2.4.2 Android App Dial Through issues fixed
2.4.2 IOS App Fixed the problem with multiple instances of the iOS UC client in the Server (Deployment) Mobile Handests List
2.4.2 Android App Hide DDI option for extensions without DDI
2.4.2 TAPI Client Fixed problem where held calls would disappear sometimes on Avaya IP Office
2.4.2 Android App Transfer/Consult from presence
2.4.2 Android App Status line added to single-line presence
2.4.2 Android App Times formatted in 12/24hour based on system preferences
2.4.2 IOS App iOS App now attempts reconnection a couple of times before throwing 'disconnection' error.
2.4.2 Android App Dial Through widget now feature new logo
2.4.2 IOS App Fixed issue with multiple instances of the iOS UC client on the Server (Deployment)
2.4.2 Android App Icon on Dial Through widget icon launches presence screen
2.4.2 Android App Fixed issues with Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 being unable to use tablet layout
2.4.2 TAPI Client Various fixes to Cisco CME integration
2.4.2 Android App Presence screen no longer stays blank after app re-connects
2.4.2 Android App Call overlay shown covering top part of screen with app icon and for incoming and outgoing calls it will now use a name from the local device (for the number) in preference
2.4.2 TAPI Client Substantial changes to event handling on Avaya BCM (also renamed PBX to Avaya from Nortel)
2.4.2 TAPI Client Sprurios dialtone call now removed after holding on Panasonic KX and NS telephone systems
2.4.0 PC Client Dialing fix for Foxpro-based applications (ie Pegasus Opera)
2.3.15 TAPI Client Fixed issues with USA area codes
2.3.11 International dialing (+) bug fixed for Gateway (Lync) integation
2.3.10 Presence window now shows bold for logged in users more correctly
2.3.10 TAPI Client Avaya CM fixes
2.3.8 TAPI Client Now support asterisks (*) in extension numbers on Siemens
2.3.8 Lync integration: Missed calls now supressed for indirect (ie group calls)
2.3.8 Changes to messaging to support federation
2.3.7 TAPI Client Various fixes for ShoreTel
2.3.6 Fixed dialing integration caused by security (UIPI) options)
2.3.6 TAPI Client Fixes for InterTel integration (bugs introduced in 2.3.5)
2.3.6 TAPI Client Dialed number / name (DDI) now working on Panasonic NCP and NS
2.3.6 Country names now localized according to language.
2.3.6 TAPI Client Fix for invalid internation number format +0800500500
2.3.6 Fix for dialing from Sage 200 / MMS
2.3.5 OCS/Lync integration - several small fixes
2.3.5 TAPI Client SpliceCom integration now supports 'default' Partner codes
2.3.5 TAPI Client Improvements to support for conference on OfficeServ
2.3.5 TAPI Client Various improvements for Alcatel OXE
2.3.5 TAPI Client Not monitored state now introduced for unmonitored extensions
2.3.5 TAPI Client Cisco CME integration now supports reconnecting to failed extensions
2.3.2 TAPI Client LG Ipecs fixes
1.3.2 Bugs related to DND,Status and Absence Message are now fixed.
1.3.2 IOS App iOS App now attempts reconnection a couple of times before throwing 'disconnection' error.
1.1.7 TAPI Client More robust search
1.1.7 TAPI Client Some numbers are no longer being filtered away
1.1.7 TAPI Client Different page check: simplifies code
1.1.7 TAPI Client Single line with multiple numbers no longer gets ignored
1.1.7 TAPI Client Search patterns updated
1.1.7 TAPI Client Added GUID filter
1.1.7 TAPI Client Some sites no longer break the icon transparency
1.1.7 TAPI Client Added another 'invalid number' rule
1.1.7 TAPI Client Removed 'ID' tags - redundant and caused more problems than fixed
1.1.7 TAPI Client Can select protocol type in options (instead of just 'dial' in-case of other software conflicting)
1.1.7 TAPI Client Options Introduced to replace hardcoded numbers on Web Pages