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Availability settings

The Availability page allows you to change settings relating to the look and feel of the software, including actions that happen when calls take place.

Availability options

Update Skype for Business

If you use Microsoft Skype for Business, ucplus Operator Console can automatically update the Microsoft Skype for Business state accordingly. Tick this option to enable the feature.

External LED

ucplus Operator Console has plug and play compatibility with External LEDs so everyone in the office can see whether a colleague is available for a conversation, busy on the phone, or simply does not want to be disturbed.

ucplus Operator Console

External LED Colour

Available (not on a call) Green
Held Fast flashing yellow (250ms)
Busy (on a call/online meeting) Red
Ringing Flashing red (500ms)
Do Not Disturb / Forward Blue
Voice Mail Slow flashing magenta (1000ms)

For more information of Kuando Busylight, please click here: Kuando Busylight.

For more information of Embrava Blynclight, please click here:  Embrava Blynclight.

On enter action buttons

On enter window

When your availability state changes, ucplus Operator Console can perform a series of actions that are defined by you here in this section. Each state's actions can be defined separately when the given state becomes active and when it becomes inactive ("on enter" and "on exit"). To define a state's "on enter" actions, you need to click the appropriate button in the "On enter" column. On the screen that appears you will then be able to configure the required actions for that state.

Click the "Add" button to add a new action. Each action has its own set of parameters and the actions that can be included are:

  • Forward:Forward calls to a specified number/extension.
    Device and destination are the parameters.
  • Delayed forward:Placeholder
    Device and destination are the parameters.
  • Do Not Disturb:Enable the do not disturb feature.
    Device and state (on or off) are the parameters.
  • Ringer volume:Adjust the ringer volume of a device.
    Device and volume (%) are the parameters.
  • Preferred Device:Select a device as your preferred device.
    Device is the only parameter.
  • Feature code:Enable a telephony system feature through the use of a code.
    Device and feature are the parameters.
  • Absence text:Change your absence message to one more appropriate for the status.
    Text is the only parameter.
  • Send message:Send an instant message to another user.
    Destination and text are the parameters.

On exit action buttons

The actions and associated parameters for when an availability state becomes inactive are the same as those for when a state becomes active. The only difference is that the actions you define to take place "on exit" take place when the selected state becomes inactive. To define a state's "on exit" actions, you need to click the appropriate button in the "On exit" column. From then on the process is the same as when adding "on enter" actions.

Availability States

The complete list of availability states is as follows:

ucplus Availability (user selectable)


Available iconAvailable Available
Meeting iconMeeting In a meeting
Working away iconWorking away Working but not in normal place of work
Not at work iconNot at work Not working, holiday
Break iconBreak Working but taking a break
Unavailable iconUnavailable Not contactable

ucplus Availability (automatically set by ucplus - cannot be manually set)


Online meeting iconOnline meeting On an active webinar; GoToMeeting, TeamViewer meeting, Webex and Skype
Away from Desk iconAway from Desk Working but temporarily away from desk
Outside working hours iconOutside working hours Outside normal working hours as set in Exchange calendar

Outlook Mapping

Microsoft Outlook's availability states map to the ucplus availability states as follows:



Free Available
Busy Meeting
Tentative Meeting
Working elsewhere Working away
Out Of Office Not at work
Outside working hours Outside working hours
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